Wednesday, 11 August 2010

11th August - a small victory

I know I am going to get a massive telling off from the better half when she reads this but to me the following is a huge achievement, if ever so slightly naughty.........

Basically, since I got back on Thursday have been confined to downstairs with a bucket on wheels to perform the necessary bodily functions that we face on a daily basis..............

For all you able bodies people (and for me most of the time, popping upstairs is an easy task isn't it..........

Well I was determined to get upstairs and use a "proper loo" - the first time in 10 days, and if I am honest it was worth the effort and hassle - just purely to say that i could do it.

The route - chair to settee, let self down to floor using upper body and crawl to the stairs. Up the stairs on knees one at a time, using the handrail and when at the top flip over to on my bum. Shuffle so back to bath and pull self up using strength of shoulders and flip round to the loo.

In reverse, down onto the bathroom floor - down stairs on bum one at a time and shuffle across hallway and front room, ontop settee, use banana board and back to the chair.


A minor triviality in the grand scheme of things I am normally capable of doing, but for today that is a huge bonus!


  1. Hope you didn't forget the newspaper.

  2. Lynty- Dave asks - can this be classed as a log blog?!?

  3. of course- I can provide step by step photographic evidence as well if required!

  4. thanks ever so - but not required just yet, prefer holiday pics!