Thursday, 26 August 2010

26th August

Very little to update from a wheelchair users point of view................ some pleasant, some not so pleasant sights at my temporary eye level.........

Whats happened - since my last update?

Had the car bashed up in Tesco's car park by the 9 yr old child from hell, and a crappy attitude from her equally dysfunctional mother.  "It's private property, I don't have to give you any details so you can f### off can't you."
Oh the wonders of a cameraphone to take lots of pics , a call to the DVLA and fill in a form with a cheque for £2.50 and hey presto I have your details, Lady, so expect a letter soon!

Made the 50 mile round trip pilgrammage to the "local" butchers.......  much good natured micky taking as to how I ended up in a temporary wheelchair......

Was supposed to be going out on the broads on Saturday with a bunch of fellow reprobates.. photographers......... however had to settle on meeting them for lunch....... at leas t I got to have a play with some "posh glass"

Saturday evening was "crazy IƱigo's" party. Was a good very entertaining evening and "scatty Emma" just cracks me up with her more and more bizarre and surreal tales........ I would love to spend just an hour in her head - for she is far madder than a skip of frogs let alone a box of them!

This week - out and about with a golfing friend to Sandringham and North Norfolk Monday,  Sharon had Tuesday off, so nice to spend some time with her, a trip around Bawburgh on a golf buggy on Wednesday and off to hospital today for the casts to be changed and the wounds inspected.

Good news - no infection - which is a bonus! and 3 more weeks in casts. A new pair of kneeboots today as well - again shiny titanium silver!  Seems like I am making good progress and of the 6-8 weeks in a cast I am at the 6 week end....... which means today is half way there!!!!! -- and then comes the learning to walk again phase, crutches, etc and the physio lady said "Oh , that will be the most painful part........." - thanks!

So potentially only 3 more weeks in a wheelchair...whoohoo......... which is good from my point of view - feels a lot more than 3 weeks since I have been home (bet it feels like 3 months to Sharon - only a couple of strops thrown by either of us so far!!!) - but in a weird way getting quite attached to the wheelchair - i can do mega wheelies now, and no crashed ladybirds. (Don't ask!)  All I need is some dreadlocks and a basketball and I can more or less be a stunt double for Ade Adepitan!


  1. When you say posh glass, do you mean the one with the Stella in it!

  2. of course - and it was Beck's vier - not wifebeater.........

    Wouldn't catch me using that nasty Canon stuff!!!!