Sunday, 8 August 2010

8th August - weekend catch to follow soon.....


What a busy weekend and so many things i have learned...........

Out in the chair around Wroxham and friends on Saturday (and tesco's), today in Norwich and Golf Club for a snack lunch.

What have I learned.

# There's plenty of inconsiderate arses who park in disabled spaces without actually being disabled. You know who you are Mr 03 plate Vectra, but you seemed Eastern European so I guess you are absolved from all UK law!
# Lots of people ignore you or will step straight in front of you (currrently scouring Ebay for Boudicea scythes to put on the chariot.) which is particularly annoying when just having built up a decent pace!
# If you make eye contact with someone there is a much higher chance of getting a smile from them, than if you are on foot. (Bizarre!)
# Lots of random comments of "oh that looks painful........."
# Other people in wheelchairs / on crutches will generally speak to you and often initiate a conversation.
# Paths that seem to be flat do have a camber on them.
# Pushing yourself uphill is a struggle.
# Some views from wheelchair level are much more pleasing on the eye than others!!!"
# A sales assistant / salesman will often address the able bodied person, ignoring the one in the chair as obviously chair = braindead!  Until I piped up with lots of questions!

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