Saturday, 7 August 2010

6th August - Frustration

Writing this at 8.10am on Saturday morning. Any other Saturday morning, and I'd probably be on my way to golf now - well that's out of the window for the rest of this year more or less (well certainly in a playing capacity.) Instead this Saturday morning I am laying on the sofa bed in the front room with the cat asleep on the wheelchair.

Yesterday was a pretty frustrating day.

Frustrating in that Sharon (the better half) was at work all day, then came home and had to do tea, had to pretty much do everything including rearrange the front room late at night, to turn the sofa into a bed - and all I could really do was sit and watch and not help. Frustrating in the effort it took to move from the settee to the chair (the extended arse shuffle.) Frustrating at the department of f**kwittedry at Norfolk County Council.

"Hello. Norfolk County Council - Blue badge team."
"Hi there, I'd like a temporary blue badge please for about 2 - 3 months."
"Would you? You know you have to be disabled to have a blue badge."
"Yes, I kind of gatherered thats how the scheme works."
"Are you disabled then?"
"I'd say so but albeit temporarily."
"What makes you think you are disabled?"
"Well can you walk at the moment?"
"Yes why? It's not about what I can do."
"Well I cannot. Both ankles were dislocated, both fibulae are fractured. Legs are in casts from ankles to knees. I cannot walk on them, nor bear any weight on them and am confined to a wheelchair / shuffling round."
"Oh. Well we don't do temporary blue badges." (Can just imagine her sitting there.... computer
"So if you cannot help, why ask me all those stupid bloody questions?"
"Please, Mr Smith, there's no need to swear at me, is there, I'm only doing my job. It takes 6-8 weeks to process a full blue badge anyway."

No. That's my whole point, you're not doing your job, unless your job description, is follow processes like a sheep and never question ex colleague of mine, who is very switched on called it sheepwallking.

6 to 8 weeks to process a blue badge? I can understand that 30 years ago - but today I can type an email and it can be on someone's screen (be they next to me or in Brisbane) in seconds........surely a huge chunk of 6 weeks (such as 5 weeks 5 days) could now be removed by improved technology / improved processes / having people working in a department capable of free thought and wanting to improve / progress???

Fortnately a quick call to tesco's - as we are off there later - explain the predicamant and "no problem at all. Just let the security guy know your car registration when you come in the store."

More later..............


  1. Just to brighten you day I shot a gross 93 yesterday net 85 so you think you have troubles........

  2. The Blue Badge thing works well if you've got something permanent and have jumped through the other hoops of getting higher rate mobility DLA as you just send off proof of that, a photo, £2 and 2-3 weeks later a badge turns up. Outside of that it's far more complex and needs doctor's letters and often an assessment. The 6-8 weeks would be their service standard they can guarantee to meet but the reality is often much quicker.

    Have to say you see some 'interesting' sights at wheelchair level!