Friday, 6 August 2010

4th August - Wednesday

New set of nurses and HCA's not met before - all seem nice. Conversation is somwwhat limited with T, D & H. Father Hackett got discharged today and Tom makes a bed for Freedom by hurtling down the corridor at full pelt (in only the kind of hurtling way an 89 year old aided with two sticks in pyjamas that are too big for him can. Not surprisingly his bid for freedom is curtailed rather shortly by Dale and Rommel. (HCA and nurse)

Tom, then spends every 15 minutes going to the combined loo / shower. I am beginning to think if you lift the shower drain, there's going to be a shaft sunk in there and then a tunnel as he continues his bid for freedom. Maybe I'll have to rename him, Danny, the Tunnel King and keep an eye on the local news for 50 patient's being rounded up and shot in a field somewhere near Hopton holiday village.

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