Tuesday, 17 August 2010

17th August - time for an update

Thankfully Sharon hasn't been reading this of late - so am still to receive my bollicking for my upstairs antics of nearly a week ago.......... lol.

 Well a reasonably busy weekend -

golf club for lunch on Saturday - and worked out how exactly I CAN get into a golf buggy so a trip round the golf course tomorrow.......dead easy!

Then round to a friends in the afternoon where their 9 year old daughter wrote on my cast........ "Why did you have to go break both your legs, you fool." Cannot argue with the reasoning and logic on that one......

Sunday out and about again to some more friends for Lunch and an enjoyable afternoon - but today was cast change day --------- felt so good to have the casts off for just 15 mins......... even though there is a suspected infection..........not good, and not at all happy about that one!

Anyhow new casts on today, and I am sporting a pair of titanium / steel effect silvery fibreglass casts......woohoo.

Physio lady this afternoon. Very pleasant - but I have to do lots of "bum clenches"???????

Will hopefully post a bigger update tomorrow once I get my backside in gear and will post up lots of pictures...........

(am working on getting the pre and post op x-rays..... why does post -op conjure up such a different thought instead of after the leg surgery???????)

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